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Located almost in the center of the southern coast of Sicily, about midway between Agrigento and Gela, Licata is in the coastal area of Agrigento, with its many historical sights. 

Down on the seafront the  workaday port carries out its daily business beneath the blue skies, much as it has done for centuries.  The town spreads inland from the port to a 16th-century castle, at the top of town, which affords views down to the harbour. 

The historic centre is around the Piazza Progresso, where the towns two main streets are flanked by elegant baroque palazzi.

This is a genuine working town and amongst its streets are some wonderful restaurants and cafes, where you will be enjoying truly authentic Sicilian food amongst those who really know what this is!

The little sandy bay on Marianello lies to the east and to the west is a succesion of small sandy beaches. 

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