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Santanyi, Mallorca

Escaping the excesses of some of the coastal towns, inland Santanyi remains a relatively quiet backwater serving the surrounding rural community with a thriving Saturday market and the parish church at its centre.

The town is also developing something of a reputation for Art and there are many galleries among its narrow streets and you will even find one or two galleries which are also cafes. Recent years have seen the opening of various cafes and restaurants in the centre and so there is a good choice of eateries. 

 Down on the coast Cala Santanyi has a good sandy beach and just around the coast is the picturesque fishing village of Cala Figuera. 

Between Cala Figuera, Porto Petro and edging Santanyi itself stretches the wild and beautiful Cala Mondrago National Park where there are many cycle and footpaths to explore. The National Park is bordered by an untouched coastline and two beautiful undeveloped sand coves.

Accommodation in Santanyi

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