Sardinia the second largest island in the Mediterranean, a name familiar to many but hitherto relatively unknown as a holiday destination, Sardinia has over 1,800km of coastline, much of it utterly unspoilt and fringed by white sand beaches lapped by crystal clear waters.

The Gulf of Orosei on the Sardinian east coast and just over an hours drive south from Olbia Airport covers an area of some 80 square kilometres from Cape Comino in the north to Cape Di Monte Santo further south. Noted for its craggy white cliffs and powder white coves backed by wild and uninhabited mountainous regions, its wonderful country for hikers and nature lovers.


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Here too, the coastal waters of Sardinia are so clean and clear that colonies of beautiful coral grow on the seabed and the myriadas of fish and other marine fauna attract Scuba divers from around the world, as well as the local fisherman of course.

The medieval market town of Orosei, from which the area takes its name, stands on the banks of the River Cedrino and boasts a number of lovely old churches and a warren of narrow cobbled streets leading to numerous small piazzas. The town is surrounded by lush green farmland bursting with orange and olive plantations and edged with a spectacular stretch of coastline and many, many kilometres of powder white sand beaches fringed by fragrant pinewoods.

Matching the beauty of its coastline, the hinterland of Sardinia is a magnificent and uncompromising landscape of high rugged mountains, deep gorges and rolling wooded countryside, still in some places inhabited by wild boar, a Sardinian delicacy and quite commonly featured on the menus of restaurants throughout the island.

Although wild boar might not be to everyones taste, the local seafood, cheeses and various pasta dishes are extremely good. Olbia, in the north of Sardinia is particularly renowned for its mussel beds and cozze alla marinara (aka moules marine ) is a favourite starter. However for something unique, try the local seafood risotto, flamboyantly flavoured by hard little crustaceans and absolutely delicious!

Finally, its worth mentioning that the East Coast of Sardinia including the area of Orosei and many parts of Sardinia for that matter remain refreshingly Non-Anglicised and a phrase book can be useful for interpreting menus and general communication.     

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"Casa Anna is a true gem. Mountains on one side, sea on the other. Endless blue from the balcony. Close enough to the town to be convenient, and just far enough away to be secluded. The beach in front is perfectly acceptable, but if you want to drive 10 minutes you can arrive at one of those unique postcard Med beaches you see in the magazines. Good food a few minutes drive away, plenty of supermarkets, in this super chilled town. We met the owners briefly and they were ace - so friendly! All said, Casa Anna is exceptional - we will be back."
Adam Hawkes - Jul 2010