Take a Step Back in Time: Historical Landmarks to Discover in Crete

Crete is the largest Greek island located at the southern edge of the Aegean Sea. It’s a holiday destination that offers glorious weather and stunning beaches; captivating the Greek culture perfectly.

The island is also rich in historical landmarks, an absolute dream for any tourists that want to get lost in Crete’s incredible history. Here’s just 3 of many historical treasures to discover while visiting the beautiful island.

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Some Handy Phrases to Learn Before You Visit Crete

When you are travelling, it is always a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture fully; this doesn’t just mean sampling the local cuisine and adventuring into new and exciting destinations, it could also mean learning a few phrases. Not only will this help you to communicate while on your travels, it can also help you navigate around the area. You may also impress a few of the locals, and even make some new friends. Who knows where it will take you?

The official language spoken in Crete is in fact Greek, but you will find that many locals speak English – they are keen to make you feel at home, so why not do the same?

Crete Beach

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Sicily Sights: 3 Slices of History

Italy is full of wonderful experiences; from taste-bud-tingling pizza to truly mesmerising views – not to mention the glorious sunshine. You can not only get a taste of an amazing slice of Sicilian pizza on this island, but an even more amazing slice of history. From Greek Temples to Roman theatres, Sicily doesn’t just have some of the best historical spots in all of Italy but, in fact, the whole of Europe.

So, while on your adventures in this idyllic location, what should be on your list of must-see monuments? Here are just three that you can’t miss out on!

Sicily beach and sea landscape with Freelance Holidays

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Is Mallorca the Best Cycling Destination in the World?

With its blend of year round sunny weather, incredibly challenging climbs and smooth as silk Spanish roads, Mallorca has become a hot spot destination for the world’s best cyclists. Just a short flight from the UK, Mallorca is the ideal destination whether you need an off-season training camp before a big cycling challenge or want to enjoy a spin during a family holiday. Compact enough that you can see everything with ease, and with the perfect mix of flat and easy going terrain and tough mountains, Mallorca has something to offer cyclists of every level.

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Greece: The Ultimate Summer Holiday

Greece really is a holiday destination that’s got something for everyone. If your style is lounging by the pool with a good book and a cold drink, then the weather is perfect. If you love to go sightseeing, well, Greece is the cradle of modern civilisation, and you’ll find culture and history aplenty here. And if activity and adventure are more up your street? There’s plenty of that in Greece too, from enjoying water sports on the beach to picturesque hikes or even climbing Mount Olympus.

So just what is it that makes Greece the ultimate summer holiday destination?

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Family Friendly Villa Holidays in Mallorca

Some families believe that the best holiday memories are made when everyone gets chance to spend quality time together, in their own sun-drenched villa with a pool. You can live life at your own pace, relaxation can be achieved without the distractions and enforced structure of hotel-life.

In fact, why not gather some of the less-often-seen members of your family too, and get everyone booked into a larger villa for some really special together-time.

If you feel tempted to whisk your family away for a holiday in the sun, then there are many compelling reasons to choose villas with pools in Mallorca.

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The Top 5 Beaches of Kefalonia

Kefalonia is a Greek island that is bursting with numerous fantastic beaches, offering something for everyone. Whether you like a crowded beach, an isolated haven, a pebbled walk or sun-kissed sand, you will be spoilt for choice. We have put together a guide to the best beaches that Kefalonia has to offer.

Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia

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Hungry? 10 Local Specialities to Try in Kefalonia

One big positive of opting for villas with pools in Kefalonia is that you’ll not only have somewhere to swim, relax and cool down – but you’ll also have self-catered accommodation. It means that you’ll save money on food and drink during your holiday, but we’d certainly recommend heading out to try some of Kefalonia’s traditional dishes and recipes while you’re there.

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Kefalonia’s Best Natural Attractions

Those hiring villas with pools in Kefalonia do so for various reasons: to relax and get away from it all, to enjoy an active break, to check out the local cuisine and culture or to see the island’s various attractions.These attractions include historical sites and important cultural locations, as well as attractions that have been completely created by Mother Nature herself.

Melissani Cave on Kefalonia island, Greece

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Off the Beaten Track: The Top Unique Things to Do in Mallorca

A holiday to Mallorca is always a wonderful experience. Fabulous weather, an endless list of things to do, great food and brilliant people. It’s no wonder people keep returning each year. However, if you’re hoping to experience some attractions that are a little different from the usual hot spots, then we’ve got just the guide for you. We’ve put together some of the top things to do on a holiday to Mallorca, so you’ll never be short of things to discover on this beautiful island.



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