The Benefits of a Holiday in Winter

Venturing out in the winter can have numerous benefits, and can actually be better than holidaying in the summer. Depending on what type of break you are seeking, there are many types of holidays and places you can travel to, and have the perfect adventure. From Crete to Zante, and Menorca to Sicily, the winter season could be a hidden treasure to make a perfect holiday.
coco palms on paradise beach

Beat the Winter Blues: The Health Benefits

Yes! There are health benefits to escaping to the sun through winter; a genuine excuse to vacate from the usual routine, and get that skin glowing. Your vitamin D levels decrease through the winter, so it is very important to go soak up some rays. Some other health benefits from the sun are (and scientifically proved!)…Healthier Weight, better mood, improved sleep and lower blood pressure.
If anything you will come back feeling refreshed and energised and ready to take on anything.


Money Saving!

The cost of holidays during the ‘off peak’ season are considerably lower than the summer seasons. This needs not much more explanation, because everybody loves to save a bit of money, right? This could help towards the Christmas fund or just extra spending money on holiday. This wonderful factor applies to everything from airfares to rail tickets and accommodation costs.

Misty layer of mountains around Meteora, Greece in sunlight

Beat the Crowds

Even though the positives of going on holiday through the winter trump the negatives, generally at this time of year, there are less tourists. This can mean a more relaxed atmosphere, and less hustle and bustle. This might differ in certain places, especially near Christmas. Take advantage of the smaller crowds as this creates ease of access to all the attractions, experiences and creates more time for you to do what you want on your holiday.

Tuscany, Volterra Le Balze rural landscape on sunset. Italy, Europe.



It’s not just England that pop up the Christmas markets and winter festivities. All over the world, exciting seasonal activities and events are happening. The spirit of the nativity and Christmas is still very much present in Italy and all the sightseeing and archaeology sites never stop in the colder seasons, with virtually no queues!

The Balearic Islands host several great festive markets where you can buy traditional gifts, crafts, jewellery and local produce. Menorca and Mallorca are best of both worlds in winter; the beach, the sun and traditional festive celebrations in upbeat lively resorts.

Greece don’t hold back with the Christmas and festive celebrations, and are massive fans of the Christmas tree, with their own traditional spin on the ornament.

Christmas fair near Cathedral in evening. Barcelona


Broaden your Horizons

With the weather not being of the best during this season, this can also give you a great excuse to do something else other than sunbathe. Exploring the city and taking in the culture isn’t always on your priority list when on holiday, but why not visit the local museum, or an art gallery? You may find out a lot that you never knew, and this can be a great historical adventure for the kids too! Use the winter season as a catalyst of discovery, and you could find yourself doing something that you’ve never done before.
Odeon theatre in Athens, Greece, view from Acropolis

If you need to beat the winter blues, or are enticed by the winter festivities abroad, we would be happy to provide any more information. Freelance Holidays have a range of destinations that can cater to your holiday wishes, so get in touch today to arrange your perfect winter getaway.

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